Upcycled Aircraft Leather Luggage Tags - Atlantic Blue & Retro Burgundy

The Tranquilo Luggage Tag

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Crafted from reclaimed leather from Voyageur and Jazz aviation planes, this tag has endless transatlantic miles that it has traveled ahead of you. 

The word, tranquilo ,means to keep calm. And we all know that calm is exactly what you need when you are watching that luggage carousel come around and you have your fingers crossed you will be reconnected with your luggage.


  • Handmade by fairly paid artisans
  • Inner pockets are made with recycled inner tire tubes, sourced from the Dominican Republic
  • Designed to keep your cards and cash safe and dry


Carbon Neutral Product

Your impact from buying this product
0.2 Tires upcycled
  3.4 Km of emissions avoided 
 9.8 hours of bulb energy saved

This product was created in partnership with Brave Soles.