About Us

Phelix & Co. Aviation Apparel was founded by husband and wife Mark and Lisa. They crossed flight paths in the aviation industry over 8 years ago and have a combined experience in aviation of nearly 20 years. Both aviators, with a keen eye for detail they curated Phelix & Co. to provide modern aviation apparel for every aviation enthusiast!

Lisa started her career in aviation as a flight attendant, where she crossed paths with two people who would change her flight path forever! One bright sunny day on a rescue flight to Nassau, Bahamas, two aircraft mechanics, spoke with Lisa about their exciting career as AME's. The exciting world of aircraft maintenance kept Lisa awake all night, and the very next day she began her mission to become an aircraft mechanic!

After 2 years of school and a chance meeting with the two AME's Lisa began her career as an aircraft mechanic. She now holds a type certificate for the Airbus a319/20/21 and has continued to work for various companies fixing and maintaining aircraft all over Canada!

Mark's love for engine repair and maintenance started at a young age in the garage with his father. During his high school life he competed in a skills competition for small engines. Following high school, Mark started his aviation journey attending Centennial college located in Toronto, Ontario where he once again was chosen to compete in a skills competition, this time for aviation! Upon completion of college, Mark was then employed as an apprentice in his hometown of Windsor, Ontario.

As fate would have it, Mark received a call the following December to work for one of the largest airlines in Canada, which is how he crossed flight paths with his future wife! Since then Mark has continued to work fixing and maintaining aircraft all over Canada, and he holds a type certificate for the Airbus a319/20/21 and the Boeing 737ng.

Now living in southern Ontario, Lisa is a strong advocate for women in aviation with a large following on her @lipstick_aviation_ Instagram page while also working with Elevate Aviation and other programs promoting women in aviation. Mark has been the number one support for all endeavours and also plays a large role in supporting women and men in the aviation industry! 

Phelix & Co. Aviation Apparel - Mark and Lisa